Manuall upgrade from Manifest V2 to V3 extensions for Chrome

  • 2 November 2022
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when trying to download a binaries for Google Manifest V3 I received an unathorized access attempt for this particular link:;_gl=1*b7t36n*_ga*ODYxMDg4OTQ4LjE2NjM2MTI1MzI.*_ga_DG1BTLENXK*MTY2NzQxNjc1My42LjEuMTY2NzQxNzMyMi41NS4wLjA.


errorThe Error occurs whenever trying to access the articles from site.

What is the issue? Looking for clues,





7 replies

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Hi @Michal Turek​ ,


Send an email to AA Support team "" to get the access.

Thanks @ChanduMohammad S​ 


I've posted an e-mail to the address You've mentioned, but there's no response,

Could You please post a screenshot of the article please?:;_gl=1*k8edss*_ga*MzY4MDI2NjU1LjE2NDE5ODY3OTM.*_ga_DG1BTLENXK*MTY2NzgyMjkwMi4xMzUuMS4xNjY3ODIzNTU3LjM0LjAuMA..


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Hi @Michal Turek​ 


PFB details


We recommend that you upgrade to Automation 360 v.26 to switch from Manifest V2 extensions to Manifest V3 extensions for both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. However, if you are using Automation 360 v.25 or earlier, you can perform this procedure on the Bot Agent devices to switch to the Manifest V3 extension manually, please click here for detailed steps.



Manifest v3 binaries for Chrome: Download

Manifest v3 binaries for Edge: Download




Additional Links- Overview of the Manifest v3 can be accessed here

- Post upgrade to Automation 360 v.26 if you encounter any challenges with the recorder package, please follow the steps available in the article, to switch the Manifest v3 to v2 extension manually.

Tnanks @ChanduMohammad S​ 

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Welcome @Michal Turek​ 

Hallo @ChanduMohammad S​ ,

I've got one more thing:

Is the old Chrome AA manifest v2 Plugin version (f.i. to be removed?, because after the upgrade to Mv3 there are two plugins available simultanisly - old and new,




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Hi @Michal Turek​ ,


Please remove the old extension.