Managing Common/Shared code

  • 9 August 2022
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In A360 Cloud, what is your practice for using common code across multiple Bots?

We have a number of requirements to build code (eg for logging) that can be used in all of our Taskbots. We have built and call Sub Tasks for these, but the call to a Sub Task is really slow and impacts overall Bot performance.


We're considering building our own packages instead but that seems like a fair bit of extra coding effort, so would be interested to hear how others address this.


3 replies

In my project I have created separate taskbot for logging and exception handling and etc.. and call those bots from my main bot it will not create any performance issues so far in A360 version and i will believe this is good practice as well.

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I would second Deenuji. I just finished an engagement with a customer where we had children task bots for logging, writing to and from Google Sheets, etc. and saw no real performance degradation. If you are seeing this, there may be something in the child bot itself that is causing a delay or hangup.

Thank you @Deenuji Loganathan​  @Jeremiah Logan​  for replying. This option seems like good practice to me too.

To elaborate with a non-realistic example, if I run a single Taskbot that executes log2file 500 times in a loop, the Bot completes in 3-4 seconds. If I create a Taskbot that calls a child Sub Task 500 times and the Sub Task executes the same log2file, the process takes 3-4 minutes to complete.

I've been told by AA Support that there is an 'overhead' calling a Sub Task even though everything should be deployed locally at run time. As we are a cloud customer I can only assume there is still traffic going from local Bot Agent to Cloud Control Room.