Loop While Window Does Not Exist - Save As Pop Up

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I'm encountering an issue with a loop in my Automation Anywhere task. The loop is supposed to continue until a "Save As" window appears. Within this loop, the bot also checks for a pop-up message indicating that a report does not exist.

The process works as expected when I set the "Keep Trying for (seconds)" to 0. However, issues arise when I set this to a higher value, such as 3600 seconds. The intention is to prevent the loop from running indefinitely if neither the "Save As" window nor the pop-up message appears. Unfortunately, even when the "Save As" window does appear, the loop doesn't exit immediately but waits for the entire duration (3600 seconds) before proceeding.

To troubleshoot, I tested with a shorter duration of 10 seconds. My expectation was that if the "Save As" window did not appear within 10 seconds, the bot would exit the loop and move on. However, the loop seems to continue indefinitely, disregarding the timeout setting.

Moreover, it appears that the set duration only affects the scenario after the "Save As" window appears—as the loop waits out the full duration before exiting, which seems contrary to the expected behavior.

Could anyone clarify if this is the intended functionality or if I might be doing something wrong? Any suggestions or insights on how to handle this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I agree that the behavior as you described is not as expected when a negative condition is tested, "Does not exist" and a timeout setting is greater than zero. This behavior also occurs in the If and Wait actions when testing any negative condition (file does not exist, window control does not exist, etc.) To me it's a bug. I have worked with other RPA systems where I've used similar negative test conditions with a timeout setting and they work as expected.

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What’s the best way to report this bug?

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Open a case through the customer portal: Support (