Log-in a site that is required SMS OTP

  • 6 January 2022
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​I developed a task that retrieving data from a site that you need to enter a code after log-in with credentials. Via using recorder and other basic tools, to get the data from the site takes little bit long time. So I've been looking for ways to minimize the waiting time.

So, I would like to know that is there a way to access a site that is required SMS OTP after log-in with credentials by using Rest WebService or SOAP? İf there is, if you could send me some documents or any help, it will be great.

Thanks in advanced.


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Hi @Melih Kesici​ ,


Please check API details with the respective application team if its enabled you can use A360 Rest or SOAP Package to get the Authorization.


Regarding 2 factor Authentication like SMS/PIN you can use API Key generated from the application instead of password. Again this needs to be enabled by your App Dev Team or IT.

Thank you Chandu. So, is the generating API Key only way to handle 2 factor authentication? 


Suppose that after log-in, SMS is sent to the robot via mail, so robot has it. If we log-in to the site by using REST Service or SOAP, is using SMS pin, that is sent by mail, possible to complete the log-in process without generating API Key like using the pin as a parameter in the mentioned packages?

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Hi @Melih Kesici​ ,


is the generating API Key only way to handle 2 factor authentication? 

Check for alternates with Application team.

Yes you can, it depends on how you are designing your solution.

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Welcome @Melih Kesici​ 


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ChanduMohammad S

Thank you Chandu.



is there any other solution to handle this part, if the website is a public and no available options for API?

i’ve tried some applications on Android Mobile to forward the SMS OTP to BOT’s email but sometimes it delays.