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I’m trying to use keystrokes Ctrl A, Ctrl C and Ctrl V to copy-paste data from Excel1 to Excel2. Ctrl V is working in the Excel2 but is pasting the last info available in my clipboard and not the Excel1 data. 

Ctrl A is not shown in the picture, but I am using [CTRL DOWN]A[CTRL UP]. I tried using [TAB][CTRL DOWN]A[CTRL UP][TAB]. I also tried using Simulate keystrokes “[CTRL DOWN]A” and in other line Simulate keystrokes “[CTRL UP]”. Still not working. Any help? 


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Use get data as datatable action for excel1 use set cell action to set in another Excel 2

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Hi, I ran some tests on using keystrokes to copy-paste data from Excel1 to Excel2. Here are my results:

Using uppercase keystrokes ([CTRL DOWN]A[CTRL UP], [CTRL DOWN]C[CTRL UP], [CTRL DOWN]V[CTRL UP]) was not successful. Ctrl + V pasted the last data in my clipboard, not the data from Excel1.

Using lowercase keystrokes ([CTRL DOWN]a[CTRL UP], [CTRL DOWN]c[CTRL UP], [CTRL DOWN]v[CTRL UP]) worked fine.

Reason: This happens because [CTRL DOWN] + uppercase letter [CTRL UP] is interpreted as [CTRL DOWN] + [Shift DOWN] + letter [Shift UP] + [CTRL UP], which behaves differently. Therefore, use lowercase letters in your keystroke sequence.


  • Use enough delay between keystrokes to avoid synchronization issues.
  • Alternative method is to use "Excel advanced: Get worksheet as data table" from Excel1 and "Excel advanced: Write from data table" into Excel2 for more reliable transfers.

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