Javaw.exe and Emulator - crashed last recorded

  • 29 December 2022
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Sometimes, while the bot is running on the Emulator, I get this error: Bot Launcher for user session NAME OF RUNNER crashed last recorded.
The emulator is open and ready to respond but from the event log we see that javaw.exe has stopped running (on virtual ZULU). The lines and bots on which it crashes are always different.

I checked this article but cannot find any correspondence with my situation

The version is: Automation 360 build no. 13343

Any advice on this? 


3 replies

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@CorraCastel can you increase java memory, seems not enough memory to execute commands in emulator. 

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@CorraCastel Also you can check this article for Javaw.exe crash issue,check%20CPU%20usage%20quite%20frequently.

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@CorraCastel ,

Verify if you are using the lastest version of Terminal Emulator package. 

Check Event Logs from Event Viewer in Windows during the time frame of crashes and try to identifed some error related with javaw.exe

Install the utility Gflags as mentions the KB

this one can be useful when another application is blocking any other.