Issues in action disconnect for database - a360

  • 27 March 2023
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I need help with a problem with the disconnect action for database in A360.
The execution of the bot is paralyzed without generating any type of error (as if it were an endless delay). Through the control room it is turned on but does not continue with the following actions. As the Try action is not detected as an error, it doesn't help in this scenario, so I have to stop the bot and run it again.


2 replies

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Try to change the package version.  What database are you using?


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Hello Raul,
I use sql server. I connect to run a store procedure that inserts records into the database. The record is inserted into the database and should end by closing the connection with the disconnect, however, in some executions the error occurs (I always use the same test case).
For example, I insert the same frame 10 times and the next log shows the bug.