Is there a way to perform mass variable editing in A360?

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We are using A360.


All of our processes are automated using the following structure:

Parent (master task) is executed. Parent executes a series of child tasks which do the actual process automation work.


Each entire process has as few as 10 tasks (parent and child) and as many as 20.


The master task always contains all the variable from all the child tasks.


As a result, the master tasks contains numerous variables which are incredibly tedious to manage one by one.


Is there a way to manage variables as a group? For instance, to select a group of variables and turn off "input" type for all at once?

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Hi @Logan Price​ ,


As of now, that is not possible.

We have to manually change the variables.

Kinda sucks, but this has been suggested to the support team, and we may see an update soon.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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Thanks for the info.