Is there a custom package that logs all task variables (user-defined and system)?

  • 22 August 2022
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Is there a custom package that logs all task variables (user-defined and system) and their corresponding stored value for the purpose of logging and debugging?


I am picturing an action that logs all of the task variables into a csv that can be accessed after run time.


In v11, we could simply attach all the variables to an error email so the bot developers could quickly see the values of the variables and asses what went wrong with the bot.


In A360, no such function exists in the email command (which is very disappointing).

3 replies

@Logan Price​ I dnt think there is any custom package.


But if you are creating logs you can log the value of all of them

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That is unfortunate.


Also, it is much too tedious to log every single variable for every task, in our case. When we automate a process, we have one main task that runs numerous sub tasks. Each task (main and sub tasks) contain dozens and dozens of variables. It is too time-consuming to manually write a log containing each of these variables every time we write a new task or bot process.


In v11, the email command did all the work for you and that is why it worked so well for us.


Hi @LoganPrice - did you find a way to log all variables at once?

This was indeed very useful in the v11 email command!