Is it possible to switch from AD authentication (on-premises) CR to SSO (SAML)?

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Is it possible to switch from AD authentication (on-premises) CR to SSO (SAML)?

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Can you switch back from AD to DB authentication? If so, is any user data lost?? Is it documented somewhere? thank you

I am not sure, but if it not a production environment then you may want to switch the authentication mode from AD to CR DB and then SAML, if you are unable to directly move from AD to SAML.

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Hi @Ikshit Dhawan​ , maybe I did not explain myself enough


I have an on-premises HA A360 Control Room with AD authentication method set. I want to switch authentication to SSO using SAML (on that same control room). Is it possible?



Please refer to official documentation:>

Yes, it is possible, kindly check this link for more information on how to switch it.

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Hi @Ikshit Dhawan​ ,


The link you sent me is from switching from database authentication to SAML, not from AD to SAML:



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Thing is that this is prod. environment, not a test environment. I agree with you that the most secure way is raising a ticket to AA, as there is no documentation at all about it, thanks!

If it is production, then do take any risk.

I am unable to find any documentation around it, I have two suggestions below:

  1. If it is not production environment and you are least concerned about data loss, then you may want to try to switch from AD to DB Authentication
  2. If it is production or important data, then you should only consider raising a ticket with AA Support Team, they will provide you the best solution.


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Hi Andoni, Please check these documents as they pertain to your query->



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Hi @Satguru Saran Vashisht​ , those articles do not state how to make this change from AD based authentication to SSO, only from DB based auth to SSO