Is changing window title when changing browser recommended?

  • 31 July 2022
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So i have some existing bots that the object captured is from IE and since Microsoft EOL for IE is happening i've been migrating the bots into Google Chrome mainly.


I've been recapturing the object one by one until out of curiosity i tried to change the window title in the variable from "Website - Internet Explorer" into "Website - Google Chrome" and this works 100% even though the window application path is still internet explorer


is this recommended? i did some research and i did not see the difference from the object i captured from IE and Google Chrome.

3 replies

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Hi @David Jansen​ ,


Its better if you change the Window Titles and then run the process end-to-end.

You don't have to sit and recapture each object - only recapture those that fail after you change the window titles and run the automation.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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hi @Ashwin A.K​ 


thanks for the response

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I am trying to dynamically handle browser title that is changing.  The scenario is as below. 


I am trying to use a currency convertor page  Once I make the conversion, the title of page changes depending on the source and target currency. I am not sure how to handle this using capture or recorder features. Can someone help?