Is alm end point available for a360 for exporting bots using the file path?

  • 27 October 2022
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v1/alm/export was available for v11 to export package by specifying file path as







is the same available for a360? than using file id?

5 replies

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Hello @Salman KS​  You may use BLM API to export Bots.

Export files using API (


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Hello @Salman KS​ , Export command export the bot package to the Server repository itself. I don't think filepath field is available with A360. As you know download file is available (/v2/blm/download/{downloadFileId}).

Here is another way to download the exported BLM package through UI.

Hu @Sajith Sudhakaran​ , Thank you. BLM is working.


Wanted to check if we have an option to use alm with filepath in a360.


Because for automating export package, always we may not have the 'File Id' handy, and we need to go through a bunch of APIs to finally export the package to a desired place (file/list, export/status, download, etc)


In v11 we do have an option to use one API call with path for source file and destination folder.


Hi Sajith,


Yes, looks like we cannot use file path, I tried the export->status->download method and I'm not getting the dialog box at the end after calling the download API no error either.


Do you know what could be the issue?

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@Salman KS​ As you'll have seen, the BLM have changed in A360


If you have the task name you wish to to export, you can use this endpoint to get the FileID:


You can then use this in the body of your first request into the export API


The other API calls needed for export are details here:


I am currently doing something similar to automate the deployments through DevOps