IQBot Installation Stuck at configuring RabbitMQ.

  • 8 September 2022
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IQBot Upgrade from v.22 to v.25


I have followed the process:


Uninstalled Automation 360 IQBot from control panel

Uninstalled Node.js 

Uninstalled Python

Uninstalled RabbitMQ

Uninstalled Erlang

Ran the batch files as admin

Restarted the server

Ran the batch files again.

Made sure there are no cookies left.

When I install the IQBot I get the following error

The setup did mention a roll-back and I started the same process again as mentioned in the forums but still no luck.


Please let me know if there is a fix for this issue.



2 replies

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Please go through this article and if that does not resolve your issue, kindly raise a support case:>

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Got the same issue while I was installing, I was instructed to open the services.msc window while installing the IQ Bot and constantly check the RabbitMQ service. The service starts and stops automatically. At any point if it doesn't starts after stopping please manually start the service.

This might help.