Instead of using a hard set time delay that might be to long some of the time, is there a way to set the bot to recognize when a process has finished running before moving to the next step in the process and not "jump the gun"?

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SAP runs a report but it can finish at different times. If I add a delay for ()minutes, it could finish early and you have "dead" wait time instead of the bot just moving to the next step. Or, the delay is up but the report isn't finished and the bot moves to the next step to soon.

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@dean mcghee​ : I would like to let you know that we don't have an option \ command to check if the bot is finished.


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Hi @dean mcghee​ ,


When the report finishes, does it show up in a seperate Excel File?

If so, you can use Wait For Window Action and it will check for the window and only proceed onto the next step once that condition has been satisfied.


Ofcourse, you have to put some custom timeout logic in place so that the bot won't wait indefinitely(bot should wait for max 30 min before timing out and sending an error mail stating that the report took too long to generate).


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