Improving Workflows with Gen AI

  • 7 August 2023
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In a harmonious marriage of Generative AI and Automation, the power of LLM’s can be harnessed to propose innovative additions to existing workflows and processes. These suggestions, backed by data-driven insights, could optimize processes and introduce novel ways to solve complex problems.

How do you envision AI-generated workflow enhancements impacting the speed, creativity, and adaptability of automation solutions in your domain? How might some of these concepts be introduced with the capabilities that are currently available?

2 replies


AI can help automate the following tasks in a domain: 
For Customer Service: answering customer questions, resolving customer issues, and scheduling customer appointments
For Marketing Domains: creating personalized marketing campaigns, content creation targeting marketing campaigns to specific demographics (further, voice translation for global customers), and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
For Sales: qualifying leads, scheduling sales appointments, and following up with sales prospects, etc.
… and much more

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  1. Assisting developers with code generation. Whether you’re asking a model to write a script or getting real-time code completion suggestions in your IDE, this has been the biggest add I’ve experienced with Gen AI so far. I think it’s especially impactful for non/novice developers (like me) because the barriers to entry are even lower with AI on your side.
  2. In the art space, creating quick digital mockups using Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and even Bing Image Creator, can save hours of tedious work and accelerate the creative process for game developers, storyboarders, brand developers, and others.
  3. Summarizing large bodies of text for tax researchers, journalists, legal experts, or anyone consuming copious amounts of written material. Further, creating a chatbot to interface between your enterprise’s technical material and the end user would cut down the amount of time it takes for employees to find/understand standard operating procedures/compliance rules/etc.