I want to use a bot created in the old version in the new version, but I don't have the aapkg file.



I would like to use a BOT created in the old version in the new version.


<Old version>



<New version> 



<Current situation>

1,Old version has already been updated to the new version.

2,BOT migration is not supported at the time of update.

Therefore, the aapkg file used for bot migration does not exist.

There is an atmx file in the MyTasks folder.

3,All folders under Automation Anywhere Files in the previous version are backed up.

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Dear @sawashin,


You can manually place all the files in program data folder. Also, you can use bot migration action from actions field. 



Muhammad Shahzaib

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Old version files will be available in repository folder, you can pull that aapkg file from there and convert them with migration package

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Upload yout atmx files and try to perform the conversion using migration action in the rpa workspace.

Using Botscanner utility to ensure the correct migration of commands.


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@sawashin  detailed steps for A11.X to A360 migration