I need to see the IP of the control room, is it possible?

  • 22 March 2022
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Hello friends, a question,


I need to see the IP of the control room, is it possible? I understand that the FQDN is the one given to us for the cloud server by my "test" services, so is it possible to capture my IP? or if it is hosted on a local server, by default it should be the public IP of my server, this is because the security personnel need to enable the ports and they are asking me for the static IP of my service or the IP of the FQDN of the control room .

3 replies

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Hello @Andress Rodriguez​  If you are using A360 Cloud, the only requirement from a network security perspective is to enable the outbound connection in your Botagent machines for port number 443 and whitelist the URL's mentioned in the article below. The connection will be initiated always from the Botagent machines to Contr Room as an outbound, hence its not required to whitelist the IP Address of CR.


Add Automation 360 Cloud DNS to trusted list (

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Hello @Andress Rodriguez​ Yes you just have to allow your CR URL and a few artifacts URL from the article I shared in the previous post along with WSS protocol. We do not provide any IP address to whitelist at the customer end which is technically not required, considering the connection is always initiated from Client side.

Hi Sajith



so for example with this FQDN I need to get the IP to enable the IP and ports inside a firewall it is not possible? I only have to indicate the fqdn and port 443 right?