I cant run any bot because of the following message: "there is already an existing deployment in-progress for this user session automation anywhere"

  • 10 June 2022
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i need command to solution the issue without any human interaction if that possible.

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if ur getting the same message again an again try to disconnect ur device from control room and re install the bot agent into ur device an Run the bot hope it will be helpful.

Hi @Noura Almutair​ 


Could you please try restarting the bot agent service from your task manager and try running the bot again.




Prudhvi Reddy

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@Noura Almutair​ Try restarting the Botagent service

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Hi @Noura Almutair​ ,


Checkout below command for restarting Bot Agent without human intervention,


  1. Launch CMD as a Admin
  2. Paste below command and hot enter


net stop "Automation Anywhere Bot Agent" && net start "Automation Anywhere Bot Agent"