I am trying to download a table from a web page using object cloning - get table- save as csv. some feilds of the table are not downloaded in the csv file

  • 15 April 2022
  • 2 replies

Attached screenshot. uncopied texts have been highlighted in yellow.


Particularly, the editable section in the table is not reflected in the downloaded csv file.


Checked for hidden characters and also tried to open in notepad.

2 replies

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Hi @Naman Pathak​ ,


Please try to get the data row by row on the web page. I hope this will work for you.

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@Naman Pathak​  :


if you are still facing an issue then please create a support case


How to create a support case :


if you don't have access to the above link, email the AA Support team "" to get access.