Href Get property has stopped working in capture action.

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I have a bot which gets the href link from a text button in a capture action the bot was working fine till few days ago but suddenly has started throwing and exception of no link found on capture activity. Does anyone know what could be causing this? 

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Hi @Ajit 7965 

Is there any changes in text button or did you noticed that any different in the text button properties after capturing the button using recorder.

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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 thanks for your reply I did try looking up if any changes were made but it doesn’t look like there was any change made to the button however I did notice that the capture event was very ambiguous like it was just trying to capture a text button from the screen without any other information to the capture event. Is it possible that when the capture package got updated 1 month ago now it’s not being able to recognize it? because I think that is when the problem started?