How to use the return of the "get files" action from the SharePoint package?

  • 13 November 2023
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I'm trying to use Sharepoint functions to obtain a file link so that it can later be used in Excel functions, but how to obtain this data is proving to be a challenge.

Basically I can authenticate to Sharepoint and get results, but specifically the function of getting files is a mystery to me: the return is in a list-type variable and dictionary-type variables are stored inside it (if I understood correctly).

How do I seek a refund in this case? just bringing the list ends up in error, but I have no idea how to bring the data I need.




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1 reply

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I didn't pay attention to the documentation for the action of obtaining files, basically it is necessary to use a loop on the list items and obtain the data from the dictionary variable with the respective keys! So easy ...