How to use post method in rest web service for uploading the PDF files into the hyperscience tool


Hi Team,

How to upload the PDF files into the Hyperscience tool using post method in rest web service.
Please find the python script which is used for uploading the file so for the same process how to do using A360.

Please find the Python script for your reference.

  • data = {
            'metadata': json.dumps(metadata), 
            #'external_id': external_id, 
            'machine_only': machine_only,
             'flow_uuid': flow_uuid  
            #'layout_uuid': layout_uuid        
            #'restriction': restrictions


        files = [
                ('file', (file_name, open(INPUT_FILE, 'rb'), 'application/pdf'))
        r =, headers=headers, files=files, data=data)

has context menu

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