How to use begin database transaction ?

  • 19 December 2023
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Hello everyone!

When i use to action Begin Database Transaction, Automation Anywhere show the next window:



Thanks for your help!!

4 replies

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Hi @Yefferson Vargas ,


As per the error message provided, the actual issue is on Line 3 which is the Insert/Update/Delete action. Could you please check it by placing a Message box just Infront of that line and see what output you are getting there?

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Thank you @Padmakumar !!,

The line 3 have the next instruction: 


when i debug, just when it is on line 2, it produces the error

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Try to keep the Column name in the [square brackets].

And if it has failed at line number 2 what was the error?


I am also getting the same error.
But, exception is thrown at the Begin Transaction LineNo itself