How to solve trigger problem without need of restarting services everytime?

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Have you encountered a problem like that triggers didnt work and you had to restart the services?

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Hi @Nishanth A​ 

Thank you for replying. I am trying to find a solution but if i cant, then ill have to raise a ticket.

Maybe someone else had this issue, so they may help.


I found these questions, im reading>>

Hi @Semih Öztürk​ 


We have faced similar kind of issue while triggering from the control room, so we have restarted the services and it is working fine till now without any additional service restarts in between.


But in your case the issue is intermittent, I suggest you to raise a case with AA team so that they can dig deep into it by analyzing the logs and according to their investigation they will be able to give you RCA.