How to search name ('first name' 'surname') in an excel file with two columns A - first name, B - surname.

  • 27 October 2022
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for example, to find Luke Abbott on this list and return Row 5 or number 5 to indicate it's row 5.

5 replies

Not to use Concatenation please as surname may be incorrectly input as first name.


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Hi @Sonny Yuan​ ,


  1. Use the Loop get the data from A or B Column values stored into the variable
  2. Use If conditions, A column value is matched with input value get the B column value, If not matched then skip loop the next values.


Above case, you're using the First name, so use the B column value is matched with input value then get the A column value, Also check the A column value after the matched.

in Step1 - what type of variable you would recommend to use please.


~@Tamil Arasu​  Thanks Tamil. The solution is what I after.

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No problem!