How to push data into Queue through a task bot into RPA workspace.

  • 4 March 2022
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How to push data into queue through a task bot, so that the device pool bot runners can start processing them. I want to know how to push the records, lets say, excel records to work item using a task bot to the Queue created in RPA workspace.


I have created the device pools and the work item template but I am not getting how to now start pushing data into queue using a task bot at run time.

4 replies

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Hi @Pankaj Chaturvedi​ ,


Use Workload package in task bot, checkout below documentation>

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Hi @Pankaj Chaturvedi​ ,


You can add data in one of three ways:



Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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Welcome @Pankaj Chaturvedi​ , yes you are right.



Thank you @ChanduMohammad S​ and @Ashwin A.K​ for your help.

Now, I just have to use the work item template inside the BOT runners code and use from work items record as per the need.