How to move email from one shared email box to another Mail box using O365

  • 18 December 2023
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I have 2 shared mailbox and How can I move an email from Mailbox1 to Mailbox2?
I’m using Office365 and the email package available. I can move emails within the same mailbox to different folders. But could not see an option to move email to another mailbox.
Used 2 different Connect Sessions and but the loop ends after 1 time.

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Hi @Vignesh.P2 ,

You won’t be able to move the emails from one mailbox to another. The Session is connected to the single connection made to the targeted mailbox and within that mailbox only you can apply all the actions available. I think its the same across no matter the platform.

You may try following ways to achieve the goal.

  1. Set up the Outlook rules by which outlook itself takes care of this task. (Best solution)
  2. You can send/forward the mail from the mailbox to another mailbox and delete from the first mailbox
  3. Use of VBScript to achieve the goals of moving from one mailbox to another. (risk of feasibility)