How to know the window associated to the window handle using Web Automation?

  • 2 January 2024
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I am using Web automation package and I have multiple window . When I use select Window after the get windows action. I do for example Select Window WindowHandle[1] and It doesn’t select the same window for some execution. 


The issue is with the Web Automation  package. Fo exaample you can do Select Window Handle[1] it select window A .you execute again the same code it selects window B.


How I can be sure of which window handle correspond to this window? 

5 replies

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Hi @LnMamou,

I think you should use “Activate” Command from Window package. For sure it will work. After that you can use the other subsequent actions.


Hope this helps!

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@Abhay Naik  When I use Activate command , it activates the window but Web Automation package doesn’t recognize the window as activated window

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Use the same windows variable in Activate command and the Recorder command.

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Loop over window handles :

  switch to current handle

  get URL/ Title of the current handle

  if URL/ Title of the current handle == desired URL/ Title



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Hello @Sumit.K11 ,

Yes  I did like this yesterday. I repeat the loop every time I need to select a window around 6 times. 

I hope that there will be an upgrade on this package in the feature