How to find "mystery groups" created by IQbot that are not listed in the bot group list or the instance group list?

  • 17 May 2022
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I've been working with IQBot (360) for 8+ months now and suddenly "mystery groups" were created for suppliers who currently have assigned/trained groups. Mystery group is an in-house term used to describe a new group created by IQBot, which was discovered during validation, and unable to be found in the bot group list or within the instance group list so it can be trained. This has happened enough times now to have it's own term. I'm searching for a resolution to either train or delete the group so I will no longer have to continue validating this group.

Scenario: Supplier A is currently assigned to Group 60. Via the Validator, it shows a newly created group (106) for Supplier A.

imageAfter validating the invoice, Group 106 is unable to be found within the Instance group list

imageor the Bot group list (sorted by group number in image below). I currently have over 70+ groups and the bot group list only shows 66 groups, with no option to view more.imageHow do I find these "mystery groups" so I can train them, if necessary, or delete the group? If I can't train the group or delete the group, the invoices will continue to go to validation with no way of stopping it.

For extra details, the instance is currently set up to create new groups with the threshold to create new groups as 100.

imageIf anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please share.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Erin Wilde​ ,


Please set the Threshold value as 1. value 1 means each new document will be created for the new group and you find groups on the related instance page.


For your case, that shows 100, so 1st 100 documents won't create a group that is directly moved to the validator for the validation.


106 group you can't find because that directly moved to the validator for the validation.


FYI - You can able find the trained and production groups only