How to filter multiple values in excel

  • 21 February 2023
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How to filter multiple values in excel with automation anywhere ?

this documentation only show one value text option:

and I have a problem with filter table 2 or more value, or any another way ?

4 replies


I have the same problem, but looks AA cannot do this, they need to develop and release this function, they are still far behind of what UIPATH can do

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Hello there,

You can use Automation Anywhere to select the column where you want to apply the filter then Automate the process of specifying multiple values you want to filter. This might involve entering each value manually or reading values from an external source. Once the values are specified, use Automation Anywhere to apply the filter.

Hope this will be helpful.

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Hey @Romy 4794, for multiple filters you can use simulate keystrokes action inside excel sheet, inside advanced filters.




You can use run macros in an excel:



you can filter according to a range:


Hope this will be helpful.