How to figure out this window and OK button?

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The window which appears in front has OK button but the window has no name.

So A360 cant find which window its.

So i used If ImageRecognition- window exist in window and all other options. They all work when i watch the bot running,

but when i run it from controlroom, this doesnt work.


How to fix it?


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Hi @Semih Öztürk​ ,


Could you please try with AI Sense Recorder to capture this?

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Hi @Tamil Arasu​ 

I dont have AI Sense Recorder action , i use 2.3.0-20210806-215200 Default version

Instead of window you might want to check the object (Ok Button) in this case, I assume.


Also, In application like this there is a possibility of having the available window title in one of the sub items in the menu bar (top menu bar) you might want to explorer there.

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Capture works for this app too but for windows which has name, but the window which has ok button, has no name, so i cant capture it


Oh I see, In an ERP application I worked on similar to this one, Bot was only able to capture the screens when there was nothing in the background, In you case:

  1. Move Window with title Personal Bilgileri a side
  2. Keep the pop up window background blank, (no window in the background, right now it is on the top of Personal Bilgileri window)
  3. then try to capture, see if it works.


works for me


So you are saying, Capture Action is not working for this application as AA is unable to identify the window?

Sure, let me know if it works.



Ikshit Dhawan

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@Ikshit Dhawan​  thank you for your explanations.

i can try to do it like you said, or i did it with simultane keystrokes, i can click on button.


but i have to understand this window is on or not. So i use image recognition here, but when i run it from control room, it doesnt work

for now, i am trying to solve this issue

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to be honest its not that important, i can click on it, using simultane Keystrokes:Enter

but which is more important is to understand that window is seen or not,

when i watch the bot, it works perfetct

but when i run it from control room, it doesnt work

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@Ikshit Dhawan​ 

But i cant capture OK button because the window doesnt have a name.

i tried the open windows, and none gives me ability to capture Ok button