How to extract the data from unstructured web page which have differnent formats and put it into excel.l

  • 22 May 2024
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i have to extract data from web and pste it into excel but what actually problem is 

  1.  unstructured 
    we have to capture this data table and put it into excel...but formats are different in every file
    2nd format
    3rd format


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The pages you show are actually structured. I see structured data as tabular, rows and columns. While unstructured is usually information that needs to be pulled from with in paragraphs, or other more conventional text controls.

When you use Recorder>Capture to grab these controls what does it capture? A Table, a Region?

Is there consistency in the order of the rows? 

It appears that the data for all your examples has column 1 as some kind of label, and the numerical column is a count. It’s laid out differently, but that seems to be the information you’re trying to capture.

Am I on the right track?