How to Extract Data from Multiple IQ Bot tables based on Scenerios

  • 24 August 2023
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Can someone please help me with this. In below image i have 2 tables in IQ Bot, where I need to match Item_Total of 1st table with Itemtax1 of second table and update Item_Tax_Rate of 1st table with itemtax2 of table2.

Ref Image 1 attached.




I tried executing the code shared by you but getting error as it says table2 not recognizable.

Can you review below and suggest.

Ref Image 2 attached



Thanks in Advance



1 reply

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Hello @Aman Dubey 

Thank you for sharing your question.

I would like to recommend that you submit a formal support ticket for deeper inquiry and direct collaboration with one of our support team members.

To submit a support ticket, visit the Support Portal. (LINK)

Thank you

Rima Sengupta

Pathfinder Community Team