How to extract data from a website while my bot is running a loop?

  • 30 November 2023
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Hello, I am creating a bot that is supposed to extract values from a website from values in column A in an excel worksheet. 

Firstly, my bot loops through an excel sheet copies and pastes the values of each row into a website one at a time (the values from column A). So, I’ve managed to execute this successfully. However, I need the bot to stop in the first iteration to extract specific values for the first value in row 1 column A(I need to repeat this for row 1… row n). How can I accomplish this in the middle of the loop? So, basically first loop copy value from first row of column A > paste into search bar > execute search > extract values of the specific page (for the first row in column A) > second loop repeats and so on. 

2 replies

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Hi @jose03 ,

In the looop, use Recorder - Capture action to identify the field from which you would like to extract the data, select Get Property in ‘Action to take on object’ and enter the Property name to be captured and save it into a variable.


Here is a sample tutorial to extract data from one page, but you can use the same concept to extract from multiple pages as well:

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If I’m understanding, conducting a search on your web page as the loop executes searches for something on the site and returns a table on the page. Then you want to extract data from the search result? Is that correct?

If so, you use a recorder action to capture the table and put it into it’s own data table, then loop that data table and extract the data. When that inner loop is done, the outer loop continues.

So a loop inside of a loop.