How to double click a single row in data table

  • 13 July 2022
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So i'm trying to do a double click in a single row in data table which has a certain status (there will only be one of this status) but when i tried to capture it capture all of the data table here is the example


so i am wondering what's the best thing i could do to automate this? do i need to tweak the properties or is there a better way to do it?

3 replies

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Hi @David Jansen​ ,


I believe this is a .exe application that is installed on your local machine.


Could you please try with AI sense Recorder to capture this?

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Please find the below links:


Record a task with AISense Recorder

AISense for recording tasks from remote applications

How To Use the AISense Recorder | Automation Anywhere ...

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hi @Tamil Arasu​ 


have only know that AI sense Recorder exist, mind telling me how to enable/get it? i search for it on my bot action, beside universal recorder and the bot store but didn't see AI sense.


Is there a license that's needed to enable AI sense Recorder?


my version Enterprise A2019 build 5933