How to differentiate Variables and Arguments from Task bot flow

  • 27 June 2024
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Hello All , 

      I wan to find the which are arguments and which are Variables in Task bot flow. for now i need to check by clicking on each variable and check is it in / out. do we have any simple /shortcut to check what are only variables used inside flow and the arguments (variables) passing values outside the flow  . Please refer the below screenshot . Thanks



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Hi @Srinath 1996,


As per my understanding there is no such way to differentiate between normal variables and variable arguments until we edit or highlight by moving cursor.


To differentiate we can go with variable names. few examples.,






Hemantha Pindra


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Currently, this feature is not available in Automation Anywhere. It is common practice for users to follow specific naming conventions to distinguish between different types of variables, such as input, output, input-output, and constants. Still you would need to check whether variable is of specific type to be sure.

You can utilize this extension, which does not require any special permissions, to add this feature. This helps eliminate any ambiguity regarding the specific type of the variable.
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A good naming convention for bots with many variables of different input/output/private types is to prepend using this format

This will help the Variable pane group like variables together alphabetically.

(source: Automation Anywhere Bot Development Best Practices v.1.1.1 date 3/11/2021 from the Professional Services team)