How to connect with one user to multiple mailbox

  • 10 June 2022
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we would like to set up a connection for one user to shared mailboxes, is there any possibility like this?

We use Connect to Email server, with SSL sonnection and IMAP Protocol (HOST, Port, and credentials are filled in as well). But we did not find any possibility to define the mail address itself.

Does each mailbox has to have enable extra user?

We would prefere if one user could use multiple mailbox as it is in set up of IMAP mailboxes.

Thanks! 😊

2 replies

Hi @Tereza Benackova​ ,


Currently we only have the support to read mails from the shared mailbox:

To automate email-related tasks, you can now select a shared account in Microsoft Outlook so that email messages can be read from the shared mailbox.


We still have an enhancement for the complete support of shared mailbox.


Hope this helps!


Thank you

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Can you provide more details on  this @VeenaN104529 ? How do you connect to this shared mailbox?