How to click on every row in a table.

  • 1 January 2023
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A stock market exchange website has a list of all stocks, and I want to click on all of them to get information.

How do I acheive that?

I know how to capture one stock, by opening the site and clicking on one stock, but how do I repeat the same thing for all stocks?

The table contating the stocks contatin some rows that aren’t stocks, some extra information that I don’t need to click on.

Thanks in advance.

5 replies


I believe you can try to collect multiple days of data and figure out if there’s a pattern or just do a difference workaround to remove data from the data you are fetching. It’s not always possible that you can fetch data from every website. If it’s a partner client you can setup a meeting and get them to do so changes.


you can also try use of anchor elements to get the specified values. checkout this video to learn more.


I also found this video in forum and found it really useful.

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Hi @IjustWANTanswer

Can you share more details on what website you are trying to automate and what component via screen shot if possible 

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Hi @IjustWANTanswer ,


You can use the Capture action for this and if it detects it as a Table element, you should see an option called Get Table within the Capture action, use that and save the output as a Table variable. Later you can either use it directly or can use through Data table or Advance or Basic excel package to loop through it perform the necessary action on each of its rows. 


I hope this will help.

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@IjustWANTanswer  try this (Extracting table data )