How to check if logged into a website, and then log out within an automation?

  • 14 November 2023
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An account creation automation needs to log into a number of systems. However, to make it stable & reliable, we want the bot to start with a ‘clean slate’ each time. We want it to be able to check if the website is currently logged in & if so, then log out before beginning it’s run.


I’ve tried a few variations & the most promising seems to be the If Window exists… option, however, I haven’t been able to define the windows generically enough so my automation recognizes the website as logged in.


It seems to skip the step & I’m not sure what a better approach would be?

1 reply

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Hi @JDF 

Please see if any of the below can help with your scenario. 

Logoff action: The Logoff action enables you to log off from the current user session of the local machine on which the bot is run.

Configure auto-login settings (Control Room Setting):
select the "Always create a new session" option for auto-login settings in the Control Room, it will create a new user session each time a bot is deployed. If there is an existing session, it will be logged off and a new session will be created.