How to check empty with a number

  • 29 April 2024
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1 reply

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We can check if a number is empty in two ways. 😊


Note: Before proceeding to the solution, it's important to understand that "number empty" means the number has a value of 0.


1. Set the target value to 0 and test your logic. For example, if your variable is `$b-TableIndex1$`, assign `$tb-test$ = 0` and apply your logic accordingly.


2. If you specifically want to check for NULL, use a string condition instead of a number condition. Set the source value as your number variable (`$b-TableIndex1$`) and convert it into a string (type casting).


In source. -> `$b-TableIndex1.tostring$`


This approach should work for you. If you find this helpful, please consider marking it as the best answer. Happy automating! 🤖