How to capture a tooltip data

  • 7 October 2022
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Hi team,


I have a requirement where I need to extract a tooltip data. Could someone help me how I achieve this.


for eaxample - you can try

in the below image after late word nothing is appearing similar way in my application after certain word simply dots appearing and I need to pick all data from tooltip. how I can achevie this plez help


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2 replies

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@Paul Hawkins​ 

I am not expert in Javascript , is it something I can do using AA commands?

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@Vikas Singh​  If you inspect the element in the browser, you will notice that the div value itself has been truncated, hence the ... added to it.


However, the tooltip itself seems to have all the text you need, stored in the div tags as the "attribute data-original-title"


It is this value you need to access.


You can use javascript to get the element and then extract the attribute value:


<element>.getAttribute("attribute data-original-title"))