How to assign value in the Data Table assign action?

  • 6 December 2022
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If I assign value in the Data Table it display the variable name along with $ instead of variable value.

  1. This is my flow.
  2. Assigning ‘Hi’ string value to the samplestring variable.
  3. Then assigning the string variable to data table
  4. the the value is displayed.
  5. But the output contain only the variable name.
  6. Do I need to change anything?
Assign string variable in the dataTable assign action


6 replies

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Hi @Mohan 780 ,


May I know your actual requirement here?

Are you trying to add data into the Data Table or do you need to see the contents of this Data table?

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I need to add data into data table. If I add string variable in the data table and print the value in message I got the Variable name (Like $SampleString) instead of value ( Hi ). Refer the second screen shot I have attached in above post. Thank you.

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Hi @Mohan 780 

As per the above description you want to insert the sample String value in the table, try below steps,

Use Data Table: Assign command for Assigning the value of the source table variable to the destination table variable

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Hi @Mohan 780 ,

I see that @ChanduMohammad has beaten me to the chase(like always), but the key question is, 
“What exactly is it that you are trying to achieve?”
If you are simply exploring, then explore away, however if its something project specific then we are always happy to help you out, so long as you...

Mark my answer as the solution!

Nah I’m just kidding.
So long as you provide adequate details, which includes context, as that would put us in a much better position to help you out.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K


hello sir
I have an question 
 I want to set value into data Table and does not work could you help me?



Hi @Mohan 780 , Were you able to resolve this issue?