how to access files in c:\user\username\downloads folder?

  • 14 November 2022
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I'm creating a bot that is able to access folder:

c:\user\username\downloads (username can be dynamic depends on who's

logged on the computer to use the bot)

Please see screen shot and kindly advise.


4 replies

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You can use a bat file to get the enviroment variable %userprofile% and get the path using the system variable AAInstallationPath ($System:AAInstallationPath$)


echo %USERPROFILE%\Downloads > C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Bot Agent\my_path.txt


Usually C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Bot Agent is AAInstallationPath whose is accesible by the bot in order to read the path in the file.







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Hi @Sonny Yuan​ ,


If only the Username is dynamic, then you can use the System: Get Environment Variable Action and retrieve the Username.


imageThis username can then be placed in the filepath like so:



Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

Thanks Ashwin! Selected as Best Answer! Very helpful.

Also Raul's solution was useful too!


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@Sonny Yuan​ - Alternative approach, If you don't want to create additional variable and don't want to add additional line then we can directly pass $SystemVariablesPackage:UserName$ in field. It returns you the same result.