How does the bot access credentials to make AWS API Calls

  • 12 April 2023
  • 2 replies

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I have created a variables the holds the Access key ID and Secret access key, I also have my API.I can’t seem to create an object that represents the AWS service I want to interact with to authenticate and establish a connection with the AWS service.Which action may I use? 


2 replies

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you can find in bot store, there are many package about AWS; 

If you don’t see your need, you can use Rest Web service package, inside there are action like Get, Poste, Delete put method


Hello Lesley.
Good afternoon
Did you manage to log in to AWS, or did you get any documentation in A360 to do so?
I think the Rest package is not enough for this, since AWS authentication is quite complex.
Stay tuned.
thank you.