How do I clear the number of event triggers under manage private ? or how do I clear hidden task in event trigger ?

  • 12 January 2022
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The total number of tasks is inconsistent with the number I added to event trigger manage. How can I clear the tasks under manage private?




2 replies

Hi ,

Please raise a support ticket with AA team , they will help you.>

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Hello @LI Jolin​,


Thank you for contacting Automation Anywhere!


There was an issue with the existing functionality in the previous version that while performing the check-in/Check-out of Bot the associated event trigger was getting disappeared from the event trigger private list but the number of event triggers was not changing which is now fixed in the A360.23 version release.


Please refer to the below case detail in the release notes in which this problem behavior is fixed.


00796697 When you check in a bot, the associated private event trigger is now retained.>


Hope this answers!


Please let us know if you find any queries.




Piyush Jani