Hi Team, My computer is not getting connected to Control room in community edition A360. I tried reinstalling Bot agent and also tried deleting and adding the device as well but nothing is working.

  • 16 August 2022
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Few days back my community edition A360 was working fine and i was able to create and run bots. However since few days, i am facing an issue in which the device is not getting connected to CR. I have tried reinstalling the bot agent as well but still it doesn't work. Deleting and adding the device is also not working. It stays forever at the page where it tries it tries to connect the device with the Control Room. I need to submit my Master certification bots within 2 days. Bots are ready but I can't run them now.

1 reply

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Hello @neeraj attri​  There was some issue with the Community edition and it seems resolved now. Please follow the real-time status of Cloud services in the following portal.