Hi , In one of the case i have to process attachments of all the unread email . So i am using loop through unread emails from particular sender and download attachments Issue here is some of the mails are being ignored .

  • 25 January 2022
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No one has access to mail box so we can eliminate accidentally someone changing status from unread to read

what's the reason and how to fix


2 replies

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Hello @Darshan D​ 


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The behavior should be fixed in the latest build of the platform. In case of the issue still persists,


For assistance through our Support Engineers, please reach us via Support case>


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For more details, you are welcome to leverage our open source portal where multiple use case is available>


You are facing this problem because your loop logic or your download logic is not consistent or compatible with the email format or the attachment format. To solve this, you can try to check the following things in logic

  1. Make sure that your loop rationale can handle different-various configurations and structures of email messages.
  2. Assure that your loop timeout session is enough to process all unread messages from the particular source who sent you emails with attachments.
  3. Loop error handling and your download error handling are not conflicting or interfering with one another.

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