Hi I'm building a bot where after downloading the files I need to use AARI to create a request.They are scenarios where certain files for specific users are not there so that means they cannot be downloaded.

  • 4 May 2022
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The problem comes in when I have set the filepath for the files that have downloaded to appear for the AARI user, it throws an error in AARI create request action if the file is not there.the file is not there because it does not exist for the user however that shouldn't stop the AARI to be created because one file is missing.May you please assist if you have any suggestions.Thanks

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Hello Lesley,


If we have built a logic where it will create a request only when the file is present or able to download, the bot will fail to create a request if that file is not present.


I request you to please use 'If' condition to check if file is not present also create a request.


Please let me know if I missed something, you can also check below article for AARI request creation:->


Thank you,

Prabhakar Jha