Hi, I experience issue with AA where the recorder did not detect the Grid in Microsoft Dynamic AX. This actually happens when using the Unattended bot where the way access to AX with right click on the icon and run as different user.

  • 2 November 2022
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But it works without any issue when direct access to AX without run as different user. Any solution for above issue stated?

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Dear @Ahmad92,


Use capture action choose click property because only click run on unattended mode because it is by default simulate.

 Right click didn't works in unattended mode.



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Hi @Ahmad92 ,


Try after changing the Object capturing technology within the Recorder action.


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Hi @Zaibi & @Padmakumar ,

Thank you for your advice given.

 After give a try, it still not able to capture the grid table and there no Get total rows option under ‘Action to take on object’. You can see below after click on recapture object, the red color is select whole table. 

However, if the application launch directly from desktop, red color can be select each cell in the table and option under ‘Action to take on object’ available for Get total rows.


  1. Launch application by run as different user 


Kindly note that it not only happening in unattended but also in attended. it is only happened when launch the application by run as different user.