Hi, I am automating a Java oracle based Desktop application using Automation 360 but no element is getting captured. I tried using Universal recorder also but no luck. Request help. Thanks

  • 21 March 2022
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I did some research and it says something regarding Java plugins. I am not sure how to install it as all the content is enterprise version(on premise version) and i am using automation 360. Also, it says java plugins are not required if working on Automation 360.

3 replies

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Hi @Preety Gupta​ ,


Please use AI sense Recorder to capture the Java Applications.


How To Use the AISense Recorder | Automation Anywhere ...>





Hi @Tamil Arasu​ ,

Thanks for reply!

I tried that option also but no element is getting highlighted at all. I tried Analyze, Scan and define also but it is not capturing the preview screen correctly, or it is not highlighting the textboxes or buttons.


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This should work fine now from A360.25 onwards using Capture technology selection using MSAA technology.


Please test.